I need equipment at home - who do I contact?

As an Essential Service both offices remain open with minimal staffing and measures in place to minimize contact.  Kerikeri Office 8am-4pm, Whangarei Office 7am-5pm. Our After Hours service remains in place for URGENT contacts only outside of Office opening times.

Our telephone systems are overwhelmed as we try to keep in contact with everyone - please be patient and if you can email us instead:  General Email:  officewhg@homesupport.co.nz  Payroll Email:  hsnwageskk@homesupport.co.nz

Please do not go to work if you are sick

Be Kind and Stay Safe

If you feel you would benefit from: a wheelchair, crutches, a walker, walking cane/stick, hoist/slings, toilet chair, commode, showerchair, handles on wall (in toilet or bathroom) contact your Co-ordinator at Home Support North and arrange for a re-assessment by the Needs Assessment Centre. You might be eligible for equipment free of charge.
If you are not eligible for free equipment you can contact Northable Equipment Services, 09 4300988 or 0508 637 200 who can provide all of the above at a charge.

Northable Equipment Hire

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