Office Contacts

We have updated our phone system so extension numbers have changed as below.  There are some differences to our calling menu to hopefully make it easier to get through to the person you need.  We have a few new members of staff starting shortly so the list will be updated.  Thank-you for your patience.

Where possible, when calling our 0800 numbers and the call may be lengthy, please let us know and we will call you back.  We are charged per minute for 0800 calls whereas we have unlimited free calling from the offices.  Thank-you!

You can contact the office Office directly or contact your Co-ordinator Support via email using the links below:-

Office General Email:

Whangarei - Office Hours: 7am - 5pm
Phone: 09 430 2090 or 0800 832 383 (out of area) 
Check below to find your dedicated Co-ordinator Support.

Whangarei Co-ordinator Support Staff manage Client enquiries as below:-


JoAnn - 

Chrissy - Email:

Leanne P - Email:

Christian -  Email:

Co-ordinator Supports:

Pip - Client Surnames A to Co - Ext: 707   

Melena - Client Surnames Cp to Hop - Ext: 705

Siobhan - Client Surnames Hor to McF - Ext 706
Donna - Client Surnames McG to Por - Ext: 702

Jamie/Amy - Client Surnames Pos to Ste - Ext: 701 

Natasha - Client Surnames Stf to Z - Ext 712

Mid/Far North - Office Hours:  8am - 4pm
Phone: 09 401 6657 or 0800 729 787 (out of area) - call and ask to be put through to your Co-ordinator (or leave a message for them)

Payroll Email:


Kay - Email:

After Hours Service ~ ALL AREAS 

This service is monitored as below - please call the Office at all other times:-

Weekdays:  5pm - 9pm 
Weekends & Public Holidays: 7am - 9pm

Contact only for urgent notifications and service changes that can't wait until office hours

Please leave a clear message and our After Hours
staff will respond asap:

0800 112 210