Our welfare / behaviour

Advice for Clients and Support Workers

Keeping you safe / Visiting our office:

  You will see we have a sign saying “ ring the bell / press buzzer”

  The door will be locked – we will come out to see you  

  We think of our office as the GREEN (clean) zone – Outside is the RED (dirty) zone! – We do not want to mix the colours

  We will practice social distancing like you will – no touch contact with items unless gloved

Personal errands in your Car:

  From working you will have a box of gloves in your car

  When you are ready to get out of the car – put on gloves

  Do what you need to do (shopping/mailing/dropping & collecting for someone)

  Once you have opened the car door – REMOVE your gloves turning it inside out

  Put it into a snaplock bag or on floor of car.  Use Hand sanitiser to cleanse

  Dispose of glove into rubbish bin at home – WASH your hands


  Hand wash before and after tasks or ‘touch’ contact with another persons or their items

  Keep good social distance

  Cover your mouth / nose when sneezing or coughing

  Clean your sleeping area / bathroom area / home zones regularly – hand towels for each person, separate & no sharing pillows, changes cases, use tissues

  Get fresh air & sunshine – good ‘alone time’ to regenerate

  Good time for us to reduce clutter of papers, boxes etc..

  Surfaces need to regularly be wiped over / sanitised


Keep Well Everyone !